Computational & Statistical Systems Biology Laboratory

We develop computational and statistical solutions for the analysis of high-dimensional molecular data in various contexts of biomedical research. These tools are motivated by a wide range of research topics, including

  • Integration of multi-omics data with external modalities of disease diagnosis

  • Development of bioinformatics tools for large-scale untargeted and targeted mass spectrometry (MS) data extraction in proteomics and metabolomics

  • Effect size-driven analysis approaches for protein modifications, interactions, and other applications of proteomics

  • Using Atlas data sets as a prior information to make cell population-level inference from bulk -omics data

  • Clinical application of sequencing and mass spectrometry-based omics technologies

To see examples of our work, check out the CSSB LAB GitHub page!

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HC is an associate editor at Molecular Omics -- feel free to discuss submission of your manuscript.