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We develop computational and statistical solutions for the analysis of high-dimensional molecular data in various contexts of biomedical research. Our research topics include

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Latest News

4 May 2024: A state-of-the-art implementation of novel graphical model estimator is ready for public release [GitHub link]. The software will make it possible to identify graph structure and obtain unbiased partial correlation estimates in ultrahigh-dimensional data containing up to a million (continuously-scaled) variables in HPC and cloud computing environments. 

1 May 2024: We will be uploading more powerful versions of our targeted MRM processing software MRMkit and untargeted MS-based metabolomics/lipidomics data processing suite MetaboKit. New companion software for targeted PRM data processing [GitHub link], scanning SWATH metabolomics processing [GitHub link], and data processing software for flow injection analysis or similar direct infusion analysis [GitHub link] will be released later this year. All with public license, stay tuned or contact us for potential collaboration! 

4 May 2024: Codes were cleaned for efficient protein-level scoring and faster computation in EBprotV2

15 March 2023: Check out our new iOmicsPASS+ software for network-based multi-omic integration and classification. 

HC is an associate editor at Molecular Omics -- feel free to discuss submission of your manuscript. We are looking for reviews and research articles in novel multi-omics integration approaches.