Computational & Statistical Systems Biology Laboratory

Singapore Lipidomics Incubator, Life Sciences Institute, NUS

We develop computational and statistical solutions for the analysis of high-dimensional molecular data in various contexts of biomedical research. These tools are motivated by a wide range of research topics, including

To see examples of our work, check out the CSSB LAB GitHub page!

Latest News

2 August 2023: CSSB lab is now a member of Singapore Lipidomics Incubator at Centre for Life Sciences

15 March 2023: Check out our upgraded iOmicsPASS+ software for network-based multi-omic integration and classification

15 March 2023: We have implemented a number of changes in our untargeted metabolomics analysis software MetaboKit, including MS1 signal-based fingerprinting for peaks without fragmentation and annotation of metabolites through HMDB and LipidMaps databases. 

15 March 2023: Collaborators at Claridge-Chang lab (Duke-NUS, Singapore) improved the popular data analysis and visualization tool DABEST with a number of additional functionalities. Check it out! 

HC is an associate editor at Molecular Omics -- feel free to discuss submission of your manuscript. We are looking for reviews and research articles in single cell and spatial omics and novel multi-omics integration approaches.