(given name - surname, in order of surnames)

Annie Choi: Being the model dog in town

Post-Dog (courtesy of C. Vogel)

Hyung Won Choi

Project: Doodling

Young Rae Kim

Project: Adaptation of graphical models to non-Gaussian data for flexible network identification

Sung Dong Lee

Project: Ultrahigh-dimensional graphical model estimation with distributed computing

Rachel Li Yu Lim

Project: Benchmark data resource building for mass spectrometry-based untargeted metabolomics

Yi Yun Pang

Project: Analytical optimization and LC-MS workflow development for robust high-throughput metabolomics analysis

Hui Yi Tay

Project: Bulk and single cell-level transcriptomics analysis workflows

Guo Shou Teo

Project: Chemoinformatics and data processing tools for cutting-edge mass spectrometry acquisition techniques

Qing Zhao (Lexie)  

Project: Multi-tissue animal atlas of multi-omic data in metabolic diseases, Untargeted metabolomics