Special Issue of Molecular Omics:

Computational Approaches in Multi-Omics Analysis

Dear Colleagues, 

With this email, Prof. Mike Washburn and I are inviting you to contribute a manuscript to a special issue of Molecular Omics dedicated to Computational Approaches in Multi-omics Analysis. We would be delighted to have you contribute original research or an in depth review in this area. As multi-omics is a still developing field, we are interested in forward thinking bodies of work that indicate where the field of multi-omics is headed. We are particularly looking for manuscripts that describe innovative computational methods to address computational and statistical challenges in large-scale data integration. We also welcome review articles that survey the existing methods and delineate major computational challenges in the integration of different omics data sets in a specific biological context. 


The focus of this collection will be on a few specific areas, but not limited to:

·       Statistical modeling and bioinformatic methods for the integration of genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics and/or proteomics 

·       Methods to integrate gene-centric omics data with epigenetic marks or small molecules

·       Computational approaches for proteogenomics analysis

·       Use of biological networks in the integration of two or more -omics data

·       Data visualization of omics technologies

·       Utilization of computational approaches to interrogate important biological problems with omics-scale data in human health and disease


Submission is open on a rolling basis


New research in Molecular Omics is published as Research Articles. This article type encompasses both Communication and Full Paper styles with no strict page limit. There is also the opportunity to write a Review article - if you would be interested in this please let us know since these will be limited. All submissions will be subject to rigorous peer review to meet the usual high standards of Molecular Omics.

Published by the Royal Society of Chemistry (a not-for-profit Publisher), Molecular Omics is home to high quality molecular level experimental and bioinformatics research in the -omics sciences. Recent articles and more about the journal can be found at www.rsc.org/molomics.

If you have any questions, the Executive Editor, Dr Katie Lim, or Mike and I would be happy to answer them. You can contact us via molomics-rsc@rsc.org. We sincerely hope that you will be able to accept this invitation and look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.